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MANUKA SPORT Energy Gel Honey Cherry 12x45g

Manuka Sport Energy Gel Honey Berry contains a unique formula of easily digestible Quad-Carbohydrates including Manuka Honey. It contains a blend of carbohydrates (27.5g) and Electrolytes in order to to achieve the combined aims of Hydration and Energy delivery.

Key Features:

  • Unique Carbohydrate source from Manuka Honey.
  • Four Electrolyte Source.
  • 27.5g Carbs per serving.
  • Certified by LGC Informed-Choice
  • Great Honey Berry taste.
  • Manufactured in BRC Class1 factory.
  • Bold packaging.
  • Easy to swallow - no gloopy texture

Allergen Information: Contains Honey.

Manuka Sport nutritional range is only available in single serve packets. This guarantees to our athletes 100% food security and minimises risk of contamination. 

  • £30.95