Jozef Metelka

Paralympic Cyclist


Jozef Metelka is an 8 time World Champion in Track and Road Cycling. 2 x Gold & 1 x Silver at Rio Paralympics

Additionally he likes to participate in skiing, rock climbing, horse riding and shooting. He plays basketball, does mountaineering and rides fast motorbikes. When asked about sports he is into, he answers: “I suppose the question is what I am not into!”

His goal is to get 10 world titles before TOKYO 2020 and multiople gold medals in TOKYO 2020.

Favourite Manuka Sport product: The Pure Honey - “true energy and mainly super clean energy. Antibacterial” and also the Honey Citrus Energy Gel “because of its mild taste. I like to mix it in water and it has a super smooth taste. It’s also super important for not making any stomach problems”.

Favourite Food and Drink: “Steak, pancakes and Rioja or Prosecco (has to be valdobiadene DOCG)”

When asked for a fun fact about himself, Jozef answered: “My ankle never freezes!”