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OCR Athlete

In 2010 Ian became addicted to running and rock climbing. Once he started training, he excelled in both. A friend then mentioned a local mud run and thought he would enjoy it. He signed up and in Autumn 2011 he placed 2nd in his first obstacle course race and was hooked. Combining both of his passions it was the perfect blend of running and strength. Ian also enjoys Adventure Racing, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Mountain Biking and Trail Running.

His greatest sporting achievement to date is 9th place at the Spartan World Championship 2018 and his ongoing goal is “to be the best version of myself possible”.

When asked for a fun fact about himself, Ian answered: “If there is a dog nearby there is a 95% chance I will go try and play with it and give it a good butt scratch”.


Honey Tropical Energy Gel - “It tastes absolutely amazing and has the electrolytes and energy you need for big days adventuring in the mountains”.

“Breakfast burrito or breakfast bagel. I love a nice Kombucha on a hot day!”