Ashley Heller

OCR Athlete


Ashley used to be a professional middle distance runner but retired from the track with repeat injuries and was looking for something more dynamic. She tried a local fun race and caught the fever and decided to pursue it to the highest level. 

She also likes to take part in hiking, cycling, swimming jet-skiing an trail running.
Her greatest sporting achievement was her placement and effort in the Spartan World Championships in 2018 and when asked about her future goals, she says: “Continue to push myself to the limits and see just how far my body and soul can take me in this sport!”

Favourite Manuka Sport product: Honey Citrus Energy Gel - “I like the viscosity of it the most which makes it easy to take while running hard efforts and it causes zero GI distress and the citrus flavour is refreshing when you are getting hot out there pouring your heart and soul into a race or training”.

Favourite Food and Drink: “My favorite all time food is mashed potatoes!!! Simple, yes, delicious, absolutely! Also pretty fond of the Manuka Sport Honey Orange Hydration and Energy drink. It is delicious both hot and cold”.

Ashley is also registered on the pro circuit as a Stand Up Jet Ski racer, however she doesn’t actually compete.