ManukaSport and Edinburgh Rugby

MANUKASPORT have teamed up with EDINBURGH RUGBY for the 2019/20 season and will provide the club with energy gels and raw honey.

The British brand captures the natural power of the finest manuka honey from New Zealand. Honey is a natural form of energy, free from stimulants and artificial ingredients and for decades research has demonstrated that honey is a cornerstone to sports nutrition programs as well as a standalone solution for training and competition.

ManukaSport Energy Gels are formulated with four sources of carbohydrates and electrolytes (specifically fast release glucose and slower release fructose) creating an energy-dense gel that sustains endurance and ensures that athletes will be energised and hydrated before, during, and after physical activity.

Already used by elite athletes around the world, Manuka Sport are thrilled to have teamed up with a British club and to have the products used in the rugby arena.

Speaking of the partnership Nick Lumley, Edinburgh Rugby Head of Strength and Conditioning said : “ManukaSport provide us with high quality products produced safely to the highest standard.

“The honey based gels and snacks will be a valuable addition to the diets of our players during periods of intense training and competition.”

On behalf of ManukaSport, Co-founder Andrew Thain, said: “We are proud to have our brand recognised as a high performing, endurance enhancing nutritional supplement for professional athletes and we are confident in ManukaSport’s ability to help boost Edinburgh Rugby’s stamina and performance in the coming season.

“It's a privilege to be fuelling Edinburgh Rugby with our Informed Sport certified gels and Manuka honey. We are growing our brand on an international platform and Edinburgh are a natural fit for us.

“We are looking forward to a fun and exciting future with the team at BT Murrayfield”



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